How to Resolve the Lexmark Printer Error Code 1102?

How to Resolve the Lexmark Printer Error Code 1102?

While using Lexmark Printer, you may face several errors in it. One of the most common issues is Error 1102. To fix this Lexmark Printer Error is not a hard job, as users know such type of questions when refilled the Lexmark color & carts. After then when they repeat two sets of new Lexmark carts. Well, Lexmark Chat Support team has given the several reasons for happening this error, includes as wrong printhead, print cartridges position, power cord problem, and so on. Follow the troubleshooting answers to get rid of this problem quickly. You can approach with experts by Lexmark Chat Support to get online, complete guidance about it.

Solutions to Resolve the Lexmark Printer Error Code 1102:

1:- Reinsert the Print Cartridges

First, you require the attempt to reinsert the Print Cartridges to resolve the difficulty.

Follow these steps:-

Step 1:- Eliminate the Print Cartridges

Begin by eliminating the print cartridges, and close the cartridge carrier lids.

Step 2:- Disconnect the Power wire

Then you need to disconnect the power cord from the electrical socket.

Step 3:- Reconnect the Power Cord

After then you require reconnecting the power cord to the electrical outlet.

Step 4:- Press “Power” Button

If the “Power” button is not lit, then you need to hold “Power” switch.

Step 5:- Reinsert the Print Cartridges

Now try to do your task again and see the error is determined.

But if the obstacle repeats, one of the cartridges is not working correctly. Then go to the next resolution to resolve which cartridge is not working correctly.

2:- Restore the Black (or photo) Print Cartridge with a New One:

hen try to reinsert the black print cartridge.

If the error reappears, then you have to repair the black print cartridge with a current one. If the error does not appear, then reinsert the color print cartridge.

If the error reappears, then proceed with the next solution to determine the problem.

Contact at Lexmark Chat Support For Getting Finest Help:

You can call on our Lexmark support phone number 1-877-894-4399 to make an immediate connection with our team of Lexmark experts, who are accessible 24×7 for your help. Get in touch with our Lexmark engineers at dialing the toll-free number, for further Lexmark printer questions.

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